How to choose the right Spouse?
Jihad Turk, January 4, 2008

How to determine the right spouse? What qualities do I look for and how do I know what I found is the right one?

There are three things that will give you better insight into one’s character.

1. How that person treats their family in general and in particular when they are upset. Is there lot of yelling and cursing going on, or things being thrown, or doors being slammed? How does one treaty family when one is upset?

2. How does one spend free time? We all know that after we pass away, one of the first things asked by Allah is how we spent our time. We work, we go to school, we spend time with our family and what do we do outside of that time. Are we always on the internet, chatting, wasting our time, watching TV and doing useless things, or reading/memorizing the Quran, growing our intellect, broadening our horizons, engaged in extra prayers.

3. Who else is that person associated with? There is a famous saying, “The person usually follows the traditions and mannerisms of their closed companions.” What are the characters of their close friends?

Excerpts from the Friday Sermon addressed by Jihad Turk at the Islamic Center of So. Calif, Los Angeles on January 4, 2008. Listen to [15:15 - 17:43] of audio clip at