Who wants to be a Champion? (K-5)
Staff Writer, December 14, 2012

Kinder Garden

1. Who is Sponge Bob's best friend?
A: Patrick

2. How many times do we pray each day?
A: 5

3. What are baby animals called?
A: Offspring

4. How many Allah (s.w.t's) are there?
A: One

5. What is the name of the person who writes books?
A: Author

First Grade

1. What season comes after summer?
A: Autumn

2. What is the language of the Quran?
A: Arabic

3. What state do we live in?
A: California (Answer could vary depending on where you live)

4. What is the value of underlined digit 52 (5 is the underlined digit)?
A: 50

5. What is the direction of Ka'ba called?
A: Qibla

6. Which continent we live in?
A: North America (Answer could vary depending on where you live)

7. Animals that are herbivores can eat_____.
A: Only plants

8. What do leaves mainly do for plants?
A: They turn light from the sun into food for the plants

9. Who was the first prophet of Islam?
A: Prophet Adam (A)

10. How are plants and animals alike?
A: They both need Water, Sun & Air to survive

11. John is standing 5th in line and Jenny is just before John. Where is Jenny standing?
A: 4th in line

12. What is the color of Sponge Bob's tie?
A: Red

13. What is Hajj?
A: Pilgrimage

Second Grade

1. Which of these fruits grow in vine -- apple, grapes, oranges?
A: Grapes

2. What is the name of the special clothes that pilgrims should wear in Hajj?
A: Ihram

3. What type of number is 25 -- prime, odd, even?
A: Odd

4. One of these is a compound word -- camping, camped, campground, camper?
A: Campground

5. Who is the President of the United States of America?
A: Barack H. Obama

6. What is the first month of Islamic calendar?
A: Muharram

7. If a woman buys a dozen eggs, how many eggs does she buy?
A: 12

Third Grade

1. What type of number is 38 -- prime, odd, even?
A: Even

2. What is name of one of the pillars of Islam to share one's wealth?
A: Zakat

3. How many tentacles does octopus have?
A: 8

4. What is the name of the President whose picture is printed on one dollar bill?
A: George Washington

5. What is Arabic meaning for Allah's names "The Most Loving" and "The Most Forgiving"?
A: Al Wadud and Al Ghafoor

6. Which is not on a standard keyboard -- shift, enter, repeat, tab?
A: Repeat

7. What is the house of the United States President called?
A: The White House

8. What is the expanded form of 34,893?
A: 30,000 + 4,000 + 800 + 90 + 3

9. Over a period of how many years Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)?
A: 23 years

10. What do you call when a person enters water headfirst?
A: Dive

11. Band of colors in sky is called __________
A: Rainbow

12. What is the name of the children's Television show that has the characters -- Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael?
A: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fourth Grade

1. Which is the name of the animal that appears in the California State flag?
A: A bear

2. What is the percentage of savings that is given as Zakat to the needy?
A: 2.5% of one's savings for a year

3. What lists both antonyms and synonyms?
A: Thesaurus

4. Compare 13 X 4 ____ 19 X 3?
A: <

5. What is a Treaty?
A: A written agreement between nations

6. Which part of word "misunderstanding" is a suffix?
A: ing

7. Who did Abu Bakr (Ra) choose to be the next Caliph?
A: Umar ibn Khattab

8. If you have 16 quarters, how many dollars and cents you have?
A: $4

9. What is a food web?
A: Transfer of energy through ecosystem

10. What are the names of angel who brings Allah's revelation and the angel of death called?
A: Jibreel and Izrail

Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade

1. Which is the name of the person who makes new path for others to follow?
A: A trailblazer

2. When is Witr salat offered?
A: After Isha

3. What is the name of Allah that means "The Noble and the Evolver"?
A: Al Majeed and Al Bari

4. Correct the sentence -- "My dad and I drived over the mountain"?
A: My dad and I drove over the mountain

5. What is 6/8 + 1/4?
A: 1

6. Why did Indians prosper in early California?
A: They were good at using natural resources

7. According to Sura at-Tin in what form has Allah created human being?
A: In the best form

8. Which of the following is not a reliable source -- almanac, novel, dictionary, encyclopedia?
A: Novel

9. What is 4/5 X 5/9? Remember to give answer in lowest term.
A: 4/9

10. How do you write number 200 in Roman numeral?

11. Where is the most agriculture grown in California?
A: The Central Valley

12. What is dry ablution called?
A: Tayammum

13. Complete the analogy: Tadpole is to frog as puppy is to what?
A: Dog

14. The temperature was -10 degree Fahrenheit at 7 am and rose 12 degrees by 12 pm. What is the temperature at 12 pm?
A: 2 degree Farenheit

13. What are most cities in California named after?
A: Spanish missions

14. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) used to meditate in Cave Hira in mountain called?
A: Al-Nur

15. What number added to 741 equals 935?
A: 194

16. What is the reciprocal of 2/7?
A: 7/2

17. What are people from Norway called?
A: Norwegian

18. Father Junipero Serra built Mission San Juan Capistrano in 1782. Which century it took place?
A: 18th Century

Excerpts from the "Who wants to be a Champion?" competition conducted by New Horizon School-Los Angeles at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles on December 14, 2012.