Will Muslims alone enter Heaven
Jihad Turk, October 14, 2007

It is a great misconception among the Muslims that they are the ONLY ones who will go to heaven and rest of them (non-Muslims) will go to hell. On the contrary, God mentions in the Quran that the Jews, Christians, Muslims and "anyone who believes in God" and does good things will be rewarded (See 2:62). Then the Muslims argue on the issue of how to distinguish who believes in the "right" God and who believes in the "false" god. Many Muslim scholars believe that when a person who is raised in a household and taught to believe in God in a way that runs contrary to the Quranic way of believing in the Oneness of God, but that person does good things in life and haven't had an opportunity to read Quran and make a conscious decision to believe in the God, the way Quran teaches, then we as Muslims should believe that God will judge that person fairly and it is not incumbent upon on us Muslims to judge who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

In the verse 2:111, God says that Jews argue that only the Jews will enter the paradise and so did the Christians and God asks them to bring the evidence for making such a claim and states that anyone who submits one's whole self to God and does righteousness will get his/her rewards. And God knows the best.

2:62. Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

2: 111. And they say: "None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian." Those are their (vain) desires. Say: "Produce your proof if ye are truthful."

112. Nay,-whoever submits His whole self to Allah and is a doer of good,- He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

113. The Jews say: "The Christians have naught (to stand) upon; and the Christians say: "The Jews have naught (To stand) upon." Yet they (Profess to) study the (same) Book. Like unto their word is what those say who know not; but Allah will judge between them in their quarrel on the Day of Judgment.

Excerpts from 'Reconnecting to the Quran' series by Jihad Turk, Religious Director, Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles.