Ramadan Knowledge - Acts that do not break the fast
Dr. Hassan Hathout, December 17, 1999

Here is the highlight of certain acts which Dr. Hassan Hathout claims, in fact from the knowledge that he gathered from the Islamic Medical Conference, that do not break the fast.

1. Rinsing once mouth will not break the fast, which means an inevitable minimum of water that enters into the stomach does not break the fast.

2. Tasting food to judge saltness of the food is allowed for a housewife or a cook. After tasting, it should be spitted out.

3. Inhaler used by those patients who are suffering from asthma is allowed.

4. Eye/Ear drops can be used while fasting considering the fact that an inevitable minimum is allowed.

5. Tooth drilling by a dentist is allowed as the suction tube is used to cleanse the mouth.

6. For those patients who are suffering from Angina Pectoris - Failure of heart circulation, can use the pill without swallowing it and by placing it underneath the tongue and spitting it out finally.

7. Pelvic examination is allowed for both male and female while fasting. (For more details, Pls. listen to the audio)

8. Instrument like gastro scope that is inserted into the stomach is allowed for medical examination and similarly the one, which is inserted into the urinary bladder, is also permitted while fasting and this does not break the fast.

Excerpts from the Friday sermon addressed by Dr. Hassan Hathout at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles on December 17, 1999.