Ballot Measure results on Controversial issues
CNN, November 5, 2008

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COOPER: Not all the emotions were limited, of course, to the presidential election. There were some controversial propositions on ballots in several states, including Proposition 8 in California, a ban on gay marriage. It passed. Gay rights advocates are protesting the vote.

There's a live rally right now against the vote in West Los Angeles happening today. Legal challenges were also filed in court.

Tom Foreman joins us with the "Raw Politics" -- Tom.

FOREMAN: You know, Anderson, a lot of this stuff is overshadowed by the presidential race. But there were these controversial measures all over the country, voted up and voted down, chief among them on gay rights.

Arizona voted 56 percent and Florida 62 percent to ban gay marriage. That similar measure in California has been called by some. We haven't yet called it, yet, here at CNN. But nonetheless, it looks like it's headed that way, for being approved by people.

Something very interesting in this. This is something that was supported by 70 percent of African-American voters. Very unusual, because not white voters nor any of the minorities supported it that way. They were more about 50-50, 70 percent of African-American voters supporting this. And of course, as we mentioned there, protesting away and court challenges to that being measured out there.

Arkansas also produced a strong vote to keep gay couples from adopting children. So that was the overwhelming initiative out there being considered in many states and it almost overwhelmingly went against gay rights at this point.

Let's look at some other things. Nebraska and Colorado both voted on the idea of affirmative action. What they talked about was getting rid of it. Nebraska said yes, let's get rid of it. Colorado, the vote is a little bit too close to count there.

But again, really interesting point here. Look at Colorado. Colorado went blue. Colorado voted for Barack Obama, and yet on this issue, which swings so much around the issue of race, they are voting or leaning towards saying that they probably want to end affirmative action there. Very unusual vote out there.

Michigan approved the use of medical marijuana, always a controversial thing. But they approved that up there.

And Washington state, way up here, voted to allow people whose doctors say that they're going to be pass away within six months to be assisted by a doctor in committing suicide.

All of these votes are interesting in their own rite. But more importantly, they may give us another barometer, Anderson, of how the country is thinking politically right now. They elected Barack Obama, but this may help give you a sense of the temperature of the country when it comes to initiatives out there, ideas out there, and how liberal or conservative people want Barack Obama to be -- Anderson.

COOPER: Tom, thanks very much.


Ballot Measure results on Controversial issues