3Rs - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
Staff Writer, November 28, 2008


Replace all your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
Unplug laptop and phone charges when not in use
Buy "Energy star" rated appliances
Install a low-flow shower head
Buy food locally when possible
Plant more trees (planting deciduous trees on the south, east or west sides of your house will lower your heating and cooling bills)
Use low and zero-voc paints
Conserve energy
Go paperless - Pay Bill online
Keep your tires properly inflated
Carpool when possible
Plan ahead: Combine several short trips into one
Accelerate at a moderate pace


Buy in bulk and utilize refill products
Use rechargeable batteries
Use a coffee mug instead of paper or foam cups
Switch from disposable to reusable products
Donate your old computer
Purchase green energy (Solar, wind and hydro etc.)


Recycle all plastic bottles, glass, cardboard and paper

Courtesy: Toyota tote bag distributed at LA Auto Show 2008