Who wants to be a Champion? (K-3)
Staff Writer, December 17, 2010

Kinder Garden

1. What number comes between 10 & 12?
A: 11

2. How many corners does a triangle have?
A: 3

3. What are baby animals called?
A: Offspring

4. What is the name of the person who writes books?
A: Author

5. Which month comes after December?
A: January

6. What is baby plant called?
A: Seedling

7. What is the tool used for cutting the paper?
A: Scissors

8. Which one of these is a living thing -- table, dog, bag?
A: Dog

9. Which shape has three sides?
A: Triangle

10.Animals which give birth to babies are called ____.
A: Mammals

11.Which is the Islamic month of fasting?
A: Ramadan

12.What is the name of our last prophet?
A: Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

First Grade

1. What season comes after summer?
A: Autumn

2. How many students are there in your class?
A: 15 (Answer could vary depending on your class strength)

3. Where did Christopher Columbus land on?
A: San Salvador

4. What number is 2 more than 6?
A: 8

5. Which continent we live in?
A: North America (Answer could vary depending on where you live)

6. Animals that are herbivores can eat_____.
A: Only plants

7. What do leaves mainly do for plants?
A: They turn light from the sun into food for the plants

8. How many Allah (s.w.t's) are there?
A: One

9. What is Salat?
A: Praying

10.What do you say when you sneeze?
A: Alhamdullilah

11.What do plants and animals require in common?
A: Water, Sun & Air to survive

12.John is standing 5th in line and Jenny is just before John. Where is Jenny standing?
A: 4th in line

13.What is the color of Sponge Bob's tie?
A: Red

14.In language arts, what is a person, a thing or a place called?
A: Noun

Second Grade

1. Which movie has Woody & Buzz Light year in it?
A: Toy Story

2. One of these is a compound word -- lighthouse, lighter, lightening, lighting?
A: Lighthouse

3. Name the book that was sent down to Prophet Musa?
A: Tawrat

4. Name the character that is found at Disneyland -- Dora, Mickey Mouse, Dr. Seuss?
A: Mickey Mouse

5. "You alone we worship, You alone we ask for help" is a phrase from which Chapter in the Quran?
A: Al-Fatihah

6. Which color is not in American flag -- red, white, blue, orange?
A: Orange

7. What is the meaning of the Arabic word "Iman"?
A: Belief in Allah, His Messengers and His books

8. Where is Central Park located?
A: New York City

9. When is Asr salat performed?
A: Late afternoon

10.In urban area, you will find -- Farm, animals, skyscrapers?
A: Skyscrapers

11.Name the ocean that is on the east coast of the United States?
A: Atlantic Ocean

12.What is the subject of the sentence, "Twelve monkeys swang from a tree."?
A: Twelve monkeys

13.What is the name of the doctor who treats animals?
A: Veterinarian

14.What is the expanded form of 149?
A: 100+40+9

15.Which country is north of United States?
A: Canada

16.There are 10 kids in the room and each has 10 fingers. How many fingers are there in all?
A: 100

17.What is the name of the instrument that has no strings and has black & white bars?
A: An electronic keyboard

Third Grade

1. In 2007, the researchers in Europe said, "the happiest place on earth."?
A: Denmark

2. Round $14.72 to the nearest dollar?
A: $15

3. Culture included features of a group of people _____.
A: Tradition, clothing, foods, beliefs, languages and customs

4. What is the Japanese dessert that is made of pounding sticky rice?
A: Mochi

5. Who was elected as the California Governor in 2010 elections?
A: Jerry Brown

6. Which country was a colony of England -- Japan, India?
A: India

7. What is the belief of "Oneness of Allah" called?
A: Tawheed

8. Which animal is the slowest (& laziest mammal) in the world?
A: Sloth

9. Biomes that has most moisture in air?
A: Tropical rainforest

10.What is the expanded form of 34,893?
A: 30,000 + 4,000 + 800 + 90 + 3

11.What does Islam mean?
A: Total submission to Allah

12.Which animal is the most similar to the extinct Woolly mammoth?
A: Elephant

13.Thirteen Asian countries met recently to double the population of which animal by 2022?
A: Tiger

14."Show us the straight path" is a phrase from which Chapter in the Quran?
A: Al-Fatihah

15.During Hajj, how many nights do Muslims stay in Arafat?
A: Zero

16.In the book "Tales of fourth grade nothing", Peter's father works for a juice company. What is the name of that horrible-tasting juice?
A: Juicy-O

17.What is the name of the meal before dawn in Ramadan?
A: Suhur

18.What kind of sentence is this, "The bottom of the ocean is cold and dark."?
A: Statement

19.What is the standard form of twenty three thousand four hundred and six?
A: 23,406

Excerpts from the "Who wants to be a Champion?" competition conducted by New Horizon School-Los Angeles at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles on December 17, 2010.