Dear Muslims
Sehr H. Nebraska, July 27, 2007

The burden of clearing the ignorant misconceptions about Islam is upon our
shoulders. We youth are the future and must end our apathetic daze. The
confusion we feel is only natural; after all, we receive mixed signals from
every side about who we are as Muslims and what we stand for. The media
bombards us with the ravings of a small radical extremist faction within our
midst, crushing our spirits and bowing our heads in shame. Worse still, our
neighbors and peers glance at us with justifiable suspicion in their eyes.

These mixed signals not only affect our pride as Muslims, but also our
relationships with one another. Our hearts harden and skins thicken, defense
mechanisms against the disdain that is constantly upon us. At this pivotal
time in history, we cannot alienate ourselves any longer. We must unite
among ourselves, foster intellectual discussions about our plight as Muslims
and stand strong in the face of adversity. However, we must heed always the
fact that hate begets hate; violence begets violence.

Only love begets love, and from that bountiful tree springs the fruits of
tolerance, peace, and ultimately acceptance. Only these traits have the
power to heal our ailing world. Regaining societal trust and acceptance will
not come easily; patience and dedication are needed to strengthen the noble
cause of educating our communities. Treat everyone with dignity and
compassion and we will, insha'Allah, be treated in kind.