Jeopardy Game - Islamic Quiz
Aziza Hasan, December 20, 2009

1. Name the three prominent women who played a pivotal role in the early Islamic history?
A: Khadijah (Ra) - First believer and the major supporter of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Asma bint Abu Bakr (Ra) - Entrusted about the Hijrah and supplied the food; Hafsa (Ra) - the first keeper of the Quran

2. Who headed the committee that verified and collected the Quran?
A: Zaid ibn Thabit

3. Linguistic miracle of Quran is the most convincing one.
A: False; because it impresses those who are well versed in the Arabic language
The most effective miracle of the Quran is the amount of change the Quran brought to life.

4. The sources of Creed (Aqeeda) are the entire Quran and sahih hadith?
A: False; Only Muhkam Quran (the meaning of those verses that can't be interpreted in more than one way) and Mutawatir Hadith (relayed by large number of people)

5. How many surahs (chapters) were revealed in Medinah?
A: 29

6. The chapters that begin with alphabets such as alif , lam , mim etc are are found exclusive in Meccan Quran.
A: False; Exceptions are Surah al-baqara (2) and Al 'Imran (3)

7. Who was the first martyr of Islam?
A: Sumaiyyah Umm Ammar

8. The first hijrah to Abyssinia had 15 people. How many of them were women?
A: 5

9. Under whose protection did Prophet Muhammad entered Mecca after his return from Taif?
A: Al Mut'im bin 'Adi

10. When did Al Mut'im bin 'Adi convert to Islam?
A: He didn't embrace Islam. He was on the religion of Quraish

11. When the Prophet (PBUH) planned the Hijrah, he was helped by young people. Mention 2 names.
A: Omar ibn Abu Bakr and Musab ibn Umair

12. What role did Omar ibn Abu Bakr and Musab ibn Umair play?
A: Omar ibn Abu Bakr carried the information to the prophet and Abu Bakr in the cave of Mount Thawr; Musab ibn Umair made Islam known to every household in Medina.

13. What is the name of the first Mosque?
A: Quba

14. What Hijri year was the first Friday prayer?
A: As the Prophet arrived to Medina First Hijrah year

15. What Hijri year was the Haj ordained?
A: 5th year of Hijrah.

16. What is the name of the person that the Prophet hired as a guide for the trip to Medina. Was he a Muslim?
A: Abdul Allah ibn Oryket. He was on the religion of Quraish

Excerpts from the special Sunday program on Hijrah celebration at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles on December 20, 2009.