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Islam 2.0 Conversations for Muslim Generations
Maher Hathout
Islamic Center of Southern California, 2009
USD 12.95, pages 126

This book is the result of many conversations between Dr. Maher Hathout and generations of Muslim youth and young adults. The author’s narrative about Islam and Muslims with the mixture of his personal life stories is truly inspirational.

When discussing about guidance from God, the author compares the concept of gheib in the Qur'an i.e. which is beyond human perception to the scientific concept of infinity. Hence argues that absolute thinking is unscientific and contradictory to unbiased and progressive thinking in Islam.

With regard to the events that took place during Prophet Muhammad’s (Pbuh) lifetime such as Hijra (migration) and the way Meccan embargo on Prophet’s clan was lifted, the author emphasizes the planning and professionalism that were involved during the migration and more notably the help from non-Muslims and their importance in both these instances without reducing it to mere supernatural
events as we learnt from other sources.

The author encourages readers to start learning and actually benefiting from the Qur’an. He expresses his dismay over the voices of establishment that wails at the free thinkers who dare to assimilate Qur’an and come out with the ideas to deliver individuals out of darkness to light.

Authenticating, analyzing and properly applying hadith (traditions) is a vast field of Islamic Scholarship. When a hadith is found out to be saheeh (i.e. sound), then it should mark the beginning and not the end of the inquiry on how to understand it, which is the author’s signature statement in the book.

The author cautions on falling into trap especially in these modern times that prevents the attainment of full potential of being a Muslim due to materialism, individualism and the sexual revolution. The author did not fail to address the environmental issue and the concept of beauty with respect to art, poetry and music as well.

This book is a wonderful tool and source of information for Muslims and anyone who would like to know,
understand and explore the dynamics of Islam. This book will help contribute positively to our society and to humanity at large. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Islamic Center of Southern California.

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